Tour Highlights

  • Take creative panoramic shots of the downtown skyline from the Seawall waterfront
  • Create your own postcard-perfect shots of the Convention Centre and the white sails of Canada Place
  • Experiment with different angle and light tactics to capture photos of the North Shore mountains

Urban Architecture and Stunning Views

Come and see the urban architecture of Vancouver’s Convention Centre, and the iconic white sails of Canada Place! We’ll take in the downtown cityscape, and walk along the waterfront for spectacular views of the marina and the mountains of the North Shore. Topics covered include motion photography, depth of field and modern architectural elements. This photowalk is open to photographers of all levels. A DSLR camera is recommended, but not required.

"What a great thing to do while in Vancouver. See the beautiful sights, meet new people, learn how to use your digital camera AND get pointers on taking great photos. The walk itself was excellent. Suzanne is fantastic. She is friendly, fun and extremely knowledgeable about cameras. Better yet she can explain how to use them in a way you can understand. I highly recommend this photo walk as a great thing to do while in Vancouver.”
Theresa B, TripAdvisor

Tour Information

Creative, Daytime, Beginner-friendly

Time & Duration
Mondays at 10:00am, 2 hours

$99 per person | $89 per person with a purchase of two or more

What to Bring
Digital camera or smartphone, curiosity and your sense of humour
DSLR rentals available

Location Map
We’ll meet by the Welcome Centre just in front of Canada Place

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#1 out of photography tours in Vancouver & rated ★★★★★

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Canada Place Inspiration Gallery

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