Tour Highlights

  • Impress your friends! Go home with epic shots of Vancouver’s neon-lit skyline
  • Photography tips and insider knowledge from our expert guide
  • Have the most fun ever! And did we mention the reflections?

A new spin on familiar sights

The Granville Island Night photowalk begins at the magical hour of twilight, where we capture the sunset and vibrant blue sky. We explore the boardwalk and scenic Granville Island after dark, learning the tricks of long exposure photography, light trails, light painting, and creative special effects including how to achieve a shallow depth of field. We will also cover how to achieve the correct white balance and focus when it’s dark. This photowalk tends towards the intermediate level but is also suitable for beginners. A camera with manual settings is required, as well as a tripod.

"I did the Granville Island evening photowalk with Ekaterina who was just fabulous! I can't believe how much I learned & applied in just 2 hours (so much better than just reading a book).. composition tips, lots of camera settings and how to adjust for the various photos. We took all sorts of photos while discussing ways to improve or get different results. I really enjoyed the longer exposure tips - very cool results. I had a blast and really looking to practicing these new skills.”
Dave G, TripAdvisor

Tour Information

Creative and Technical, Night-time, Beginner/Intermediate level

Time & Duration
Wednesdays at dusk (start time fluctuates with sunset throughout the year) | 2 hours

$99 per person | $89 per person with a purchase of two or more

What to Bring
Digital camera, tripod, sense of humour and any questions you might have!
DSLR and tripod rentals available

Location Map
We’ll meet in front of Bridges Restaurant,  at the north end of the island.


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Granville Island Night Inspiration Gallery

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